I was a full-time, dedicated projectionist for nearly a decade. I never worked with IMAX, mostly just 35mm, but I miss film. Threading up 20 projectors per set puts you in a very zen state. It becomes mostly muscle memory and it was not uncommon for me to have threaded several projectors and not even realize I had… » 11/19/14 5:52pm Wednesday 5:52pm

I think a large part of it is also that Apple consistently works behind the scenes to make arrangements and partnerships with other companies to ensure that their features have wide support and implementation out of the gate.

Google and Samsung essentially just threw their product out there and let the existing NFC… » 11/16/14 11:25am 11/16/14 11:25am

1. Oh, yes it is. I am one of millions of people who telecommute for work. That means that I live in Florida and work for a company based mostly in North Carolina. The internet is essential for me and people like me, and it is an absolutely integral part of our overall economy. Here's a good measure of whether… » 11/11/14 12:49pm 11/11/14 12:49pm

Then maybe stop electing loonies to be the people who represent you in government. If someone has a picture of republicans as being universally crazy people with no grasp of reality, it's because those are the official representatives of the party, as elected by their constituents, on TV saying crazy things. » 11/10/14 10:55am 11/10/14 10:55am

Meanwhile, Rick Scott has just cut $300,000,000 out of Florida's budget by reducing the cost of vehicle registration. So, the average car-owner saves $20 a year, while the state loses a third of a billion dollars in revenue annually. That's more than the state spends, in total, on Public Assistance every year. Money… » 11/07/14 9:02pm 11/07/14 9:02pm